GRRR 3095 online, 2018


Prepared improvisations
recorded at Studio GRRR, December 28 2017
Article on French Blog / Harpon website
61 minutes

Amandine Casadamont explains that her work is built from the world of vinyl, pieces composed with ready-made sounds exclusively played from vinyls. The sources are deconstructed and reconfigured in a hybrid form between old and new. She plays her mixes from three turntables without adding any synthetic effect. She sometimes plays on the pitch, gives jerks, scratches, cuts as in her famous radio productions. Beyond this game of deconstruction / reconstruction, she works about possible and impossible forms, and about the sound itself, abstract or concrete. Her tools are those of a DJ, but the object is closer to the work of a sound director or an artist. Her live compositions are closer to  cinema or experimental ambient than DJing and clubbing culture. No bpm settings to make the bodies move, here we live among the sound, the spirit travels in an original universe deconstructed and rebuilt according to each moment. Her 99% vinyl work, also called "Hörspiel Mix" received an award at the New York Festival 2016 in the category Radio Art. The creation was live and broadcasted on France Culture.
The German word Hörspiel has no equivalent in English, possibly "radio evocation". By naming his group Un Drame Musical Instantané, Jean-Jacques Birgé was led by the same idea, composing suggestive works to let the listener or the spectator to make his or her own cinema! He basically uses a keyboard connected to his computer.
tracklist / infos / donwloads
n°1 / 97 Round / 14'40

Amandine Casadamont - vinyls
Jean-Jacques Birgé - keyboard, reed trumpet, DigDeep

n°2 / Geno Taping / 17'51

Amandine Casadamont - vinyls
Jean-Jacques Birgé - keyboard, jaw harps, percussion, flute, erhu, Si beau nord par eau

n°3 / Terroirs / 14'27

Amandine Casadamont - vinyls
Jean-Jacques Birgé - field recordings

n°4 / Drugstar / 14'33

Amandine Casadamont - vinyls
Jean-Jacques Birgé - keyboards, trumpet, H3000

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