GRRR 3111 online, 2022


Improvisations recorded on October 10 2022

at GRRR Studio by Jean-Jacques Birgé

in the order which they have been played

chosing cards from Oblique Strategies conceived

by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt

42 minutes

Cover © JJB - Photo trio © DF


As for albums Game Bling with Ève Risser and Joce Mienniel (2014), Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard with Médéric Collignon and Julien Desprez (2014), Un coup de dés jamais n'abolira le hasard 2 with Pascal Contet and Antonin-Tri Hoang (2015), Questions with Élise Dabrowski and Mathias Lévy (May 2019), WD-40 with Christelle Séry and Jonathan Pontier (Oct. 2019), Ball of Fire with Jean-François Vrod and Karsten Hochapfel (Nov. 2019), L’air de rien with Élise Caron and Fidel Fourneyron (mars 2021), To Be or Net To Be with Gilles Coronado and Basile Naudet (mai 2021), and the live show filmed À l'improviste with Birgitte Lyregaard and Linda Edsjö (2014), cards from the game Oblique Strategies by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt were randomly chosen as scores for the musicians.


Films of some concerts, where the audience choses the cards, are also online on YouTube (with Collignon, Desprez, Contet, Hoang, Lyregaard, Edsjö)...

tracklist / infos / donwloads
n°1 / Disciplined Self Indulgence / 2'49

Sophie Agnel - piano
Jean-Jacques Birgé - synthesizers
David Fenech - electric guitar

n°2 / Remove Specifics and Convert to Ambiguities / 10'46

Sophie Agnel - piano, zither, music box
Jean-Jacques Birgé - keyboards, cosmic bow, shahi baaja, vocals, balloon
David Fenech - folk guitar

n°3 / Build-up / 10'17

Sophie Agnel - various objects, piano, flute
Jean-Jacques Birgé - synthesizers, radio
David Fenech - electric guitar, bendir

n°4 / Work at a Different Speed / 10'25

Sophie Agnel - piano, toy-piano, percussion
Jean-Jacques Birgé - jaw-harp, keyboards, vocals, effects, reed trumpet
David Fenech - electric guitar, sanza


n°5 / Don't Break The Silence / 7'58

Sophie Agnel - piano
Jean-Jacques Birgé - flute, keyboards, whistling
David Fenech - electric guitar

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