Mehrt Licht ! (new master)
GRRR 3062 online, 2012
Reissue of : Mehr Licht !


A suite of flash-backward sequences composed as an autobiography, MEHR LICHT ! presents all titles from Bernard Vitet's LP recorded in 1979, plus two more recent pieces and a recording of his maternal grandfather.

Interview of Bernard Vitet about Mehr Licht ! (in French)

Music : Bernard Vitet
except 2 Birgé-Vitet / 7 Rictus
Index 1, 4, 5, 6 have been published in 1979 on LP Mehr Licht ! (GRRR 1003)

Sound: Daniel Deshays (1-4-6)
           B.Vitet, D.Deshays et X (5)
           Jean-Jacques Birgé (2-3-7)
Photo by JJB with cover by Vitet
from a picture by Isabelle Marmande
Production manager and new master: Jean-Jacques Birgé

tracklist / infos / donwloads
n°1 / La machine de Marly / 7'26
Bernard Vitet - reed instrument made out of a plastic tube with three holes
The Blackbird - himself
Recorded in 1979 near the railroad in Marly-le-Roi
The machine de Marly used to bring the water from the Seine to the Château de Versailles
n°2 / Le silence éternel des espaces infinis m'effraie (edit) / 8'00

Bernard Vitet - flugel horn
Jean-Jacques Birgé - machines
Recorded at Clam'Art, 1999
"The silence from these infinite spaces frightens me" is a Thought by Blaise Pascal

n°3 / Bonne nouvelle - 1987 / 6'49

Bernard Vitet - voice and piano
Pidgeon Youdi Youpi - himself
Paris, 1987

n°4 / Mehr Licht ! / 8'43

Bernard Vitet - Bb piccolo trumpet (sopranino saxophone mouthpiece)
Recorded in Vitet's staircase, 8 rue Charles Weiss, Paris, in 1979
"Mehr Licht!" are Goethe's last words on his deathbed

n°5 / Le diable dans le beffroi / 16'00

Bernard Vitet - violin
Recorded at Ircam in 1979, in a room which will become later an anechoic chamber
in Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet Church on the day of Marie
"The Devil in the Belfry" is the title of a satirical short story by Edgar Allan Poe


n°6 / L'ange du bizarre / 8'43

Bernard Vitet - dragoon (a kind of huge balafon and small bells keyboard)
Daniel Deshays - reportage
Recorded in Vitet's studio, 7 rue Charles Weiss, Paris, and in the Puces de Saint-Ouen in 1979
"The Angel of the Odd" is the title of a satirical short story by Edgar Allan Poe

n°7 / Chapitre à mon chapeau / 2'34

Charles Dorée - voice
Recorded on February 23 1948

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