Mehrt Licht ! (new master)
GRRR 3062 online, 2012
Reissue of : Mehr Licht !


A suite of flash-backward sequences composed as an autobiography, MEHR LICHT ! presents all titles from Bernard Vitet's LP recorded in 1979, plus two more recent pieces and a recording of his maternal grandfather.
Bernard Vitet died on July 3rd 2013, just before we publish this reissue with bonus tracks which we had prepared together.

Interview of Bernard Vitet about Mehr Licht ! (in French)

Music : Bernard Vitet
except 2 Birgé-Vitet / 7 Rictus
Index 1, 4, 5, 6 have been published in 1979 on LP Mehr Licht ! (GRRR 1003)

Sound: Daniel Deshays (1-4-6)
           B.Vitet, D.Deshays et X (5)
           Jean-Jacques Birgé (2-3-7)
Photo by JJB with cover by Vitet
from a picture by Isabelle Marmande
Production manager and new master: Jean-Jacques Birgé

tracklist / infos / donwloads
n°1 / La machine de Marly / 7'26
Bernard Vitet - reed instrument made out of a plastic tube with three holes
The Blackbird - himself
Recorded in 1979 near the railroad in Marly-le-Roi
The machine de Marly used to bring the water from the Seine to the Château de Versailles
n°2 / Le silence éternel des espaces infinis m'effraie (edit) / 8'00

Bernard Vitet - flugel horn
Jean-Jacques Birgé - machines
Recorded at Clam'Art, 1999
"The silence from these infinite spaces frightens me" is a Thought by Blaise Pascal

n°3 / Bonne nouvelle - 1987 / 6'49

Bernard Vitet - voice and piano
Pidgeon Youdi Youpi - himself
Paris, 1987

n°4 / Mehr Licht ! / 8'43

Bernard Vitet - Bb piccolo trumpet (sopranino saxophone mouthpiece)
Recorded in Vitet's staircase, 8 rue Charles Weiss, Paris, in 1979
"Mehr Licht!" are Goethe's last words on his deathbed

n°5 / Le diable dans le beffroi / 16'00

Bernard Vitet - violin
Recorded at Ircam in 1979, in a room which will become later an anechoic chamber
in Saint-Nicolas-du-Chardonnet Church on the day of Marie
"The Devil in the Belfry" is the title of a satirical short story by Edgar Allan Poe


n°6 / L'ange du bizarre / 8'43

Bernard Vitet - dragoon (a kind of huge balafon and small bells keyboard)
Daniel Deshays - reportage
Recorded in Vitet's studio, 7 rue Charles Weiss, Paris, and in the Puces de Saint-Ouen in 1979
"The Angel of the Odd" is the title of a satirical short story by Edgar Allan Poe

n°7 / Chapitre à mon chapeau / 2'34

Charles Dorée - voice
Recorded on February 23 1948

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