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New CD - Volume 3

Pique-nique au labo 3 offers 11 new instant compositions by 20 musicians invited by Jean-Jacques Birgé.
Duets and trios with Sophie Agnel, Uriel Barthélémi, Hélène Breschand, Élise Caron, François Corneloup, Gilles Coronado, Philippe Deschepper, David Fenech, Fidel Fourneyron, Naïssam Jalal, Olivier Lété, Mathias Lévy, Violaine Lochu, Lionel Martin, Fanny Meteier, Basile Naudet, Csaba Palotaï, Tatiana Paris, Gwennaëlle Roulleau, Fabiana Striffler.
GRRR 2036 - dist. Orkhêstra and Les Allumés du Jazz
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Nouvel album en écoute et téléchargement gratuits

Par terre, another beautiful album with Emmanuelle Legros on trumpet and Matthieu Donarier on tenor sax recorded on July 11 2023 at Studio GRRR !
Also on Bandcamp !

2 nouveaux albums en ligne

Raves, album with Fanny Meteier on tuba and Olivier Lété on bass, recorded May 30 2023 at Studio GRRR ! Article on French Blog...
Also on Bandcamp !


Moite, album with performer Violaine Lochu who sings and says texts by Monique Wittig, Christophe Tarkos, Sylvie Kandé, and Tatiana Paris on guitar, recorded on June 8th 2023 at Studio GRRR ! Article on French Blog...
Also on Bandcamp !

The 1st ever recording by Un D.M.I.

Très toxique is the first ever recording of Un Drame Musical Instantané as a trio, three weeks before Trop d’adrénaline nuit, but already a year and a half after Défense de by Birgé Gorgé Shiroc (Nurse With Wound List). On December 21, 1976, it was the first time the three musicians met together in the basement of Studio GRRR. They had no idea what they were going to play, but the session was full of energy.

Jean-Jacques Birgé plays the ARP 2600 synthesizer, the cassettes and many other instruments, as does Bernard Vitet, mainly on percussion, but also on sax and violin, while Francis Gorgé supports the backbone on electric guitar.

Half a century has passed. Birgé creates the cover of Très toxique entirely by hand, using a white pencil and two acid-burnt images he had created in 1969 and printed two years later by the art printer of Picasso, Dubuffet and the Collège de Pataphysique. The 85 numbered and signed copies of this limited edition have only one side of 19 minutes, already a collector! But can anyone tell me what this music sounds like?

Sold by Dizonord (Paris) - dist. The Pusher Distribution

Birgé Agnel Fenech, it's Chou

Chou, new wonderful album with pianist Sophie Agnel and guitarist David Fenech recorded on October 10 2022 at Studio GRRR ! Article on French Blog...
Also on Bandcamp !

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