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Tapage nocturne (podcast) avec J-J.Birgé

Listen to a podcast on Jean-Jacques Birgé recorded for Tapage Nocturne on France Musique on November 2 2017.

With him (keyboard...) in Studio 107 of Radio France Antonin-Tri Hoang (reeds, piano) and Samuel Ber (percussion). Radio show and interview by Bruno Letort. Playlist.

Lectures, exhibition...

- On October 13, Jean-Jacques Birgé will show creative applications Boum! and USA 1968 deux enfants at Demain 3 (Books and Digital), Festival Maintenant in Rennes.
- On October 17, opening of the exhibition Special effects, Steel the Scene! at Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, Paris, for which he has composed original music and sound design with Sacha Gattino.
- On October 20 at FGO Barbara, conference 100 years of electronic music with Eva Peel, Alain Ho, Samy El Zobo, Kat Quint, Ygal Ohayon and Ben Osborne.
- On October 25, he is invited by Lucas de Geyter at Cirque Électrique (Paris) to read Bureau de tabac by F. Pessoa to celebrate Retour vers le Futur - Octobre 1917 with Guillaume Fafiotte, Jean-Marc Hérouin, Jacques Pieiller and Rise, People Rise!

El Strøm ELECTED Citizen Jazz

Franpi Barriaux writes a beautiful article on Long Time No Sea on Citizen Jazz... So cool!

El Strøm on Top 10 by Nicolaou (Les Inrocks)

Louis-Julien Nicolaou (Les Inrocks) cites CD Long Time No Sea by trio EL STRØM on his Top 10 of the first six months (June 15 2017).

DDD publishes 4 remix of L'homme à la caméra

1895, 1929, 1973, 1984, 1999, 2014, 2017,
so many landmarks to give birth to this beautiful object!
The French label DDD publishes 4 remix of the album L'homme à la caméra by Un Drame Musical Instantané on a  transparent LP sold together with the original LP (pressed in 1984). New Yorker Jorge VELEZ aka Professor Genius, Australian Dro Carey aka Tuff SHERM, Polish Eltron JOHN and famous Thurston MOORE participated in this crazy project.
Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) had been recording 7/11 en 1999, but it remained unissued until now. More recently Xavier Ehretsmann ordered the three other remix.
In October 2014, English magazine WIRE had published Eltron John's piece on CD Below The Radar Special Edition: The Dream, compilation of experimental and electronic music put together by the Kraków Unsound Festival.
The transparency of the REMIX LP shows the original cover by UN D.M.I. where one can see a picture of the film by Dziga VERTOV and the 15 members of Un D.M.I.'s ochestra at Théâtre Déjazet on January 14th 1984. There's only a round sticker with the name of the four remixers. Coline Malivel artwork is inspired by a dia from the light-show L'Œuf Hyaloïde cofounded by Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ, extract from the Light-Book printed by Imprimerie Union in 1973.

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