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Podcast France Culture by Birgé-Casadamont

Interview and live unissued track called 47 mars. The podcast of radio show Supersonic by Thomas Baumgartner with Amandine Casadamont and Jean-Jacques Birgé recorded on April 16 2016 is on air on France Culture.
Article on French Blog

Duet with Amandine Casadamont online

Fantastic meeting with sound artist Amandine Casadamont. Recorded on the morning of March 28 2016, on line the same day in the evening, these improvisations with Jean-Jacques Birgé are at once an hörspiel and a musical drama. Free to listen and download as usual on drame.org, Harpon will please anyone who loves cinema for the ears.
Article on French Blog

P.S.: Saturday April 16 at 11 p.m. Amandine and Jean-Jacques will play at Thomas Baumgartner's Supersonic radio show on France Culture...

BIRGÉ with BUMCELLO is on line

One hour and a half of the concert Entrechats recorded at Le Triton, Les Lilas, is free to listen or download on drame.org !
On January 29 2016 Jean-Jacques Birgé invited Cyril Atef (drums, vocals) et Vincent Segal (cello)...

Application Boum ! at Bologna and CTR

Appication Boum !, published by Les inéditeurs for iOS et Android, has received Bologna Ragazzi Digital Award Special Mention 2016. Mikael Cixous wrote the story and drew all illustrations while Jean-Jacques Birgé has composed sound and music.
Boum ! gets also the Editor's Choice Award de Children's Technology Review...

Grand Palais, Palais de Tokyo, Cité des Sciences...

You may meet Jean-Jacques Birgé in Paris museums this semester.
Sacha Gattino and him signed the sound design of the exhibition Darwin L'original at La Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie (until July 31 2016).
Birgé composes the musical visit of the exhibition Carambolages imagined by Jean Hubert Martin (Les Magiciens de la Terre, Africa Remix, Dali, Le Théâtre du Monde, Le Maroc contemporain...) at Le Grand Palais. Visitors with a smartphone (iOS or Android) and headphones can follow the 27 stations in sound and music!
(March 2 - July 4 2016)
Michel Houellebecq asked also Birgé to participate to his exhibition Rester vivant at Le Palais de Tokyo (June 23 - September 12 2016).

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