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Wednesday 24 january » Jean Douchet, l'enfant agité

Paradis, new album by Harpon

Paradis is the third album of Harpon. It has been recorded and mixed on December 28 2017. It's online, free to listen or download! A way to send our best wishes for 2018 to you all...
Amandine Casadamont uses 3 vynil decks as Jean-Jacques Birgé plays a keyboard connected to his computer plus a few acoustic instruments.

Nabaz'mob, the album

Audio extracts of Nabaz'mob, the opera for 100 connected rabbits by Antoine Schmitt and Jean-Jacques Birgé... You could watch and hear it. Now you can listen to the music beside the show!

Remix of Controlled Bleeding by JJB

Jean-Jacques Birgé is back to rock with Driving Through Darkness Lights Off (listen !). He plays all instruments, except bass and drums he has transformed, on this remix you will find on double-CD Carving Songs by Contolled Bleeding (Artoffact Records). More infos on French Blog !
Birgé also participates to TROD, piece of Controlled Bleeding which opens the album.

Nouvel album : L'isthme des ismes

Avec Jean-Jacques Birgé (échantillonneur), Antonin-Tri Hoang (anches, piano) et Samuel Ber (percussion), enregistré au Studio 107 pour Tapage Nocturne.

Tapage nocturne (podcast) avec J-J.Birgé

Listen to a podcast on Jean-Jacques Birgé recorded for Tapage Nocturne on France Musique on November 2 2017.

With him (keyboard...) in Studio 107 of Radio France Antonin-Tri Hoang (reeds, piano) and Samuel Ber (percussion). Radio show and interview by Bruno Letort. Playlist.

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