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Tuesday 15 october » ASM tout en couleurs

NONSELVES on YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo

With NONSELVES composer and performer Jean-Jacques Birgé provides an improvised (in real time) soundtrack for images derived from the interactive work NONSELF, created by John Sanborn.
This collaboration is a wild ride of sonic and social satire, mixing serious and silly with equal force. You can play the original work, which was commissioned by Jeu de Paume, at nonself.me
To give an idea of the live shows, Birgé has recorded a live version for Internet on October 7th 2019, but, as it's improvised, each show is different.

On YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo

MELTING RUST on YouTube and Vimeo

MELTING RUST, the audiovisual performance by Anne-Sarah Le Meur and Jean-Jacques Birgé is on YouTube and on Vimeo. It is the captation of the creation at Victoria in Transylvania (Romania) done by Irina Botea and Jon Dean. Every show is different as both of them improvise. This version does not reproduce the emotion of the live show, it's in mono and shot  in the darkness of the theater. It's better to watch/hear it on full screen or during the future shows!
MELTING RUST is the first part of the next show with NONSELVES where Birgé improvises also on videos by John Sanborn (original adaptation of NONSELF commissioned by Jeu de Paume)...

Birgé on videos by John Sanborn

On Friday September 20 2019 at the Blackstar in Paris, Jean-Jacques Birgé improvises on 122 videos by John Sanborn ! So the project Nonself, based on what we are not, becomes  Nonselves in a astonishing dialogue between the media artist and the composer.

Melting Rust in Transylvania
with Anne-Sarah Le Meur

On August 23 2019, Jean-Jacques Birgé will play on moving images by Anne-Sarah Le Meur in Victoria (Romania), invited by Dana Diminescu and Tincuta Heinzel. Other artists will participate to this evening connected to a two years residence about the utopian city founded by the Soviets in 1948 and which will become a terrible dystopia under Nicolae Ceauşescu...

Birgé & Lemêtre at Château Perché

On Saturday 27th of July, from 11p.m. to 1 a.m., Jean-Jacques Birgé (keyboards, electronics, winds) and Sylvain Lemêtre (percussion) will play under The White Dome at the Château de la Balaine, Villeneuve-sur-Allier, for a fantastic experimental / ambient / chill-out set! Read the article of the blog on the precedent day, or rendez-vous at the craziest festival I've ever seen, Château Perché ;-)

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