The MEG publishes an English portfolio on my new CD "PERSPECTIVES FOR THE 22nd CENTURY" with full SoundCloud, films, portraits, etc.
Commissioned by the Ethnographic Museum of Geneva (MEG), Jean-Jacques Birgé composed a work based on the MEG's International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM). Perspectives for the 22nd Century includes 31 pieces recorded between 1930 and 1952 and compiled by Constantin Brăiloiu (1893-1958), founder of the IAFM and an authoritative reference in the field of traditional music.
Perspectives for the 22nd Century is written on the basis of an anticipation scenario where the survivors of the disaster of 2152 live on the ruins of the MEG and decide to rebuild themselves from the archives discovered on site. The composition mixes acoustic instruments, some of which belong to the MEG collections, virtual instruments, ambiences and sound archives.
A disturbing echo of current events, Perspectives for the 22nd Century is a sound fiction following the journey of humans who must reinvent themselves. In these times of questioning about the future of the planet and of humanity, Jean-Jacques Birgé wanted to dedicate this work to C.F. Ramuz and Vercors.
This CD is the fifth title to appear in the series of recordings published by the MEG and devoted to contemporary creations composed on the basis of its sound archives.
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Photo © Madeleine Leclair